Hospitals and Aged Care

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Chaplaincy: Hospitals and Aged Care

"I was sick, and you took care of me." Matthew 25.36

In these words, Jesus Christ calls his followers to care for the Lord himself in the person of those who are sick and vulnerable.

Anglicans who are hospital chaplains provide care to patients, families and staff in many of our public and private hospitals. They offer a listening ear and a deep compassion to people of all faiths and none. Today we understand that 'health' has spiritual dimensions as well as physical, mental and emotional components, and that the whole person needs care. Chaplains are part of the team caring for the whole person.

When people come from rural or remote areas to one of the major hospitals in the Perth metropolitan area, contact with a chaplain can help bridge the gap of distance between their home community of faith and their spiritual needs while in hospital.

A chaplain can pray with and for a sick person, offer the sacraments where appropriate, and accompany people on their journey, whether it be a journey towards healing or towards death, or a journey of joy or grief for families and friends. Each hospital can put you in touch with the chaplaincy team for that hospital.

Hollywood Private Hospital

The Rev Canon Joanne Baynes

King Edward Memorial and Perth Children’s Hospital
The Reverend Jane Hawkins

Osborne Park Hospital
Mrs Wendy Lloyd#

Perth Children's Hospital
Ms Evelyn Crommelin#

Rockingham General Hospital
Ms Barbara Twells tssf#

Royal Perth Hospital

Ms James George#
Ms Joanne Whitley#

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

The Reverend Roger Kay

St John of God Hospital, Murdoch
The Reverend Jane Hawkins*

The Reverend Lyn Harwood

# Lay Chaplain
* Ecumenical Chaplain