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Chaplaincy in Schools

The Anglican Church has a long association with education.

The ministry of chaplains in member schools of the Western Australian Anglican Schools Association [WAASA] and the Anglican Schools Commision (ASC), reflects the diversity of the twenty schools in our education association.

Whatever the context, their ministries speak to the Five Marks of Mission as they:

  1. TELL proclaim the good news of the Kingdom
  2. TEACH teach, baptise and nurture new believers
  3. TEND respond to human need by loving service
  4. TRANSFORM seek to transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and to pursue peace and reconciliation, and
  5. TREASURE strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth

among the students and staff, families and old scholars, local parishes and communities with whom they relate. Chaplains in our Anglican schools provide the space and opportunity for God to break into the lives of each of these people.

As faithful lay people, deacons and priests, Chaplains, along with their Principals and other key staff, model the faith, reason, worship, inclusion, character and service which express the Anglican identity of their schools. They do this in their leading of regular Chapel worship and occasional Eucharists; often through teaching Religious Studies or bringing their expertise into those classes; in being alongside students and staff on camps, at sport or creative and co-curricula pursuits; and through the many and varied pastoral encounters among all who make up their school communities.

Anyone interested in finding out more about chaplaincy in an Anglican school could contact one of the following:

  • The Revd Peter Laurence OAM, CEO of The Anglican Schools Commission
  • Canon Philip Goldsworthy, Executive Officer of WAASA
  • Chair of the Archbishop’s Examining Chaplains, The Revd Canon Dr Philip Raymont, Senior Chaplain at Guildford Grammar School or
  • Warden of Wollaston Theological College, Locum Warden, The Revd Dr Ric Barrett-Lennard.

Our school chaplains are:

All Saints’ College
The Reverend Liz Flanigan

Christ Church Grammar School

The Reverend Nick Russell

Esperance ACS

The Reverend Brett Guthrie

Guildford Grammar School


Hale School

The Reverend James Couper

John Septimus Roe ACS

The Reverend Mark McCracken
The Reverend Caro Hemmings

John Wollaston ACS

The Reverend Justine Coverdale

Perth College

The Reverend Linda Pilton

Peter Carnley ACS


Peter Moyes ACS

The Reverend Jean-Pierre Schroeder

St George’s AGS

The Reverend Dr Gift Makwasha

St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls


St James’ Anglican School

The Reverend John Taylor

St Mark’s ACS

The Reverend Scott Rowland
The Reverend Mark Davis

St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School

The Reverend Richard Pengelley

Swan Valley ACS

The Reverend Toby Sherring