Children and Youth Ministry

Then Jesus took the children in his arms, placed his hands on each of them and blessed them – Mark 10:16

The Church is called to receive, nurture and treasure each child as a gift from God, and to proclaim the Gospel to children and young people in ways that empower them to receive and respond to God’s love.

In the Diocese of Perth, ministry to children and young people is auspiced by the Anglican Children and Youth Ministries Commission.

The Anglican Diocese of Perth supports the Children’s Charter developed by the General Synod Children’s Network

Anglican Children and Youth Ministry

ACYM actively supports clergy and lay leaders in the area of children’s and youth ministry through consultation, resourcing, parish visits, presentations and events.

The vision and direction of ACYM is overseen by a ten-person Commission consisting of people currently serving or experienced in parish-based children’s and youth ministry, and related ministries school chaplaincy.

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Anglican Youth Ministries Foundation

The Anglican Youth Ministries Foundation was established in 1996AYM Foundation for the following purposes:

  • to promote unity between people of all ages within the Anglican communion;
  • to promote a community within the Anglican church in which young people can explore and develop their relationship with God and with each other;
  • to empower young people to pursue their spirituality throughout life;
  • to enthuse, empower and encourage young people to actively participate in all aspects of church life;
  • to have young people contribute to the decision-making processes of the Anglican church;
  • to communicate that young people are essential to the transforming role and presence of the church as a pro-active and inter-dependent community;
  • to encourage and facilitate Christian education and youth leadership;
  • to raise funds to further the objects of the Foundation set out above.

The Foundation can be contacted care of:
The Secretary
AYM Foundation
GPO Box W2067
PERTH WA  6846

or via email

GFS - An Anglican Ministry is an organisation within the Anglican Church which seeks to minister to children, youth and their families.

Its Vision Statement gives a clear direction for the work undertaken in the name of GFS:-
'To provide a vital ministry which will empower people to build a continuing relationship with Christ, to value themselves and one another, and to experience life within a faith community.'

GFS is passionate about Children's Ministry and believe it has much to offer parishes and communities across Australia. If you want to 'grow your Parish', GFS is certainly an avenue which can assist with this.